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Proper and systematic garbage disposal is crucial to maintain a hygienic environment and ensure the survival of our planet. Each of us has a responsibility to handle waste carefully and dispose of it using appropriate methods. In countries like UAE, where there are numerous multi-story buildings and apartments, the demand for garbage chute systems is high. Such systems are essential for maintaining a healthy living environment for residents.

DIMBRT is a reputable company in UAE that provides practical, cost-effective garbage chute systems. Our specialized team of engineers handles the installation and maintenance of the system, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Our attention to detail and innovative research makes us a popular choice among developers in the region. We are an approved supplier recognized by local and regional consultants.

Our garbage chute system collects garbage directly into a waste receptacle, and we follow all government-approved standards during the entire process, from design and fabrication to installation and testing. Our specialized team monitors and inspects the system to ensure it operates smoothly and efficiently, with no room for complaints. We use advanced machines and hydraulic operations in our garbage chute system. Our hydraulic circular ram operates at high pressure and is capable of compacting garbage to a much smaller percentage of its original volume. To eliminate foul smells, we provide an exhaust on the rooftop within the top section of the chute. Each floor has a properly installed intake door for garbage disposal, and the doors can be interlocked to prevent simultaneous opening on different floors. The garbage falls automatically into the receptacle and is later processed and removed by the responsible authority.



+971 55 9066077